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A Chance Encounter with the Disruptors

A Chance Encounter with the Disruptors

Have you ever experienced chance encounters that transform you? I have had a few of those in the past years. Redefining moments that when acted upon, changed the trajectory of my life. The infinite learner in me applied to be a part of the University of Pretoria’s  Gordon Institute of Business Science‘s Social Enterprise Program. When a friend sent me the link to the application form and I read the course content, I knew I HAD to enroll for the program. Then a chance encounter a month after led to me receiving a precious gem. This guy I barely knew gifted me with a book. Turns out, this book was co-authored by Kerryn Krige, who at that time headed the Network for Social Entrepreneurs at GIBS! I know, what are the odds right?  So I obviously immersed myself in The Disruptors and I am happy to announce that it was absolute bliss! I was already excited to join the Social Enterprise Program, but reading The Disruptors took my excitement to a different level.

The Disruptors is a perfect combination of inspirational stories and lessons that help anyone understand social entrepreneurship. The book is divided into four parts: an introduction to the South African social entrepreneur and; an in-depth analysis of the character of social entrepreneurs; a look at how social enterprises combine profit and purpose and finally, an academic insight into the global phenomenon itself and how it relates to the South African context. What captured me the most was the similarities in the individuals that were profiled in the book. They all had a passion and made an active decision to change the status quo, come up with solutions, most of the times innovative ones, and sticking to it. The journey of a social entrepreneur is not an easy one, especially in countries where an ecosystem to support you is almost non-existent.

Authors Kerryn Krige and Gus Silber

I read The Disruptors four years after it was first published and although the social enterprise sphere has evolved since then, a lot of things have also stayed the same. The narrative of the African social entrepreneur still needs to be amplified. Africa’s problems require a concerted effort to eradicate them and more collaboration must come from various stakeholders and individuals. There is still a need for us to see the enormous opportunities that lie on the flipside of profit! I will not delve into the intricate details and subjects of the book because I still want you to read it but one thing, you are never too young or too old to change your community for the better. The Disruptors reminded me of that!

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