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A Combination of Women Empowerment and E-Commerce in Namibia

A Combination of Women Empowerment and E-Commerce in Namibia

Napoleon Hill once wrote that,” You can succeed best and quickest by helping others  to succeed.”

For years, the nature of business has been full of mistrust, competition and secrecy. Despite many businesses thriving in this era, many founders have come to realize that collaboration is more beneficial, especially when businesses are still small. Synergies for a common goal yields more fruit and it is how an ecosystem grows. This is the ideology that has catapulted Victoria Haihambo of Agelvipa’s social enterprise and given her an opportunity to change the face of e-commerce in Namibia.

Agelvipa founder Victoria Haihambo

Agelvipa is a network for female entrepreneurs that promotes and showcases their work through physical and online platforms. The Agelvipa online market sells various Namibian products and is looking to make provisions for regional products in the near future too. Victoria grew up in the coastal town of Swakopmund and her experience in local development has come in handy when it comes to understanding what the entrepreneurial ecosystem needs.

Some of the products that can be found on the Agelvipa site.

To complement the readily available online market, Agelvipa will also be opening an entrepreneur’s hub that will help capacitate female entrepreneurs, help them develop innovative products and sustainable, scalable businesses. Key partnerships  with the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Connect Hubs and the British Council has enabled Agelvipa to learn, iterate and grow. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Agelvipa has also incorporated online training sessions for aspiring entrepreneurs.

In the wake of 2020, it seems the future is online and one functionality that has taken center stage is e-commerce. It is wonderful that players such as Agelvipa are already in this space.


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